Everything You Need To Know About LSA

Lycergic acid amide, d-lysergamide, ergine or LSA for short, is a naturally occurring psychedelic alkaloid of the lysergamide family. It’s commonly referred to as the “natural LSD”. It is found in morning glory seeds, hawaiian baby woodrose seeds and certain types of fungi.

LSA Molecule

Short History

The use of morning glory seeds that contain LSA can be traced back to the aztec times. They have been mainly used in the central America. There’s also evidence of zapotechs using them in shamanic rituals.

Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds, that also contain LSA, but in much larger doses, have been found to be psychoactive in 1960’s.

In the 1956 CIA investigated the psychedelic properties of the ergine in the seeds of Rivea corymbosa, as Subproject 22 of MKULTRA. The main purpose of MKULTRA was to study LSD, but because of it’s structural similarity LSA was also included in the project.

There’s not much more known about the history of LSA’s use.


For those who understand the complex chemistry terminology and concepts, here’s the chemistry of LSA.

LSA, or d-lysergic acid amide, is a semi-synthethic alkaloid of the lysergamide famiy. It contains a core structure of lysergic acid with an amine functional group bound to RN of the chemical structure. This core polycyclic structure is an indole derivative, and has tryptamine and phenethylamine groups embedded within it.

The structure contains a bicyclic hexahydroindole fused to a bicyclic quinoline group (lysergic acid). At carbon 8 of the quinoline, an acetamide group is bound. LSA is additionally substituted at carbon 6 with a methyl group. It is a chiral compound with two stereocenters at R5 and R8. LSA, also called (+)-D-LSA, has an absolute configuration of (5R, 8R). The three other stereoisomers of LSA do not have psychoactive properties. LSA is structurally analogous to LSD; LSA lacks the diethyl substitution of LSD at RN of its carboxamide group.

Receptors Affected

Like most psychedelics, LSA affects the serotonergic system. It seems that most of LSA’s effects come from the role that it plays as the

Morning Glory Seeds

partial agonist of the 5-HT2A receptor.

Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds

Two Types

Like I said, there’s two types of seeds that contain LSA: morning glory and Hawaiian baby woodrose. Morning glories are small black seeds and Hawaiian baby woodrose are large brown seeds that are about 20 times more potent than morning glories.


It’s very rare for all of these effects to happen during the same trip. This applies to almost all psychedelics. The effects of LSA are somewhat similar and yet really different from those of LSD. That being said, here they are:

Physical Effects

Positive Ones

  • Spontaneous physical sensations. Also known as the body high. On LSA, the trips tend to be at times pleasurable, but also at times unpleasant. Tingling of the extremities, meaning limbs, is often felt because of the vasoconstrictive properties that LSA has. Physical effects tend to be at times similar to being stoned, and are almost always stronger than the visual effects, as opposed to LSD which is a lot more visually strong.
  • Physical euphoria. The effects of LSA tend to be very physical. And so, physical euphoria tends to be felt, especially in the mid of the trip, during the peak. and it’s usually a lot stronger on LSA than on LSD. Unfortunately, other aspect of LSA is almost always, it it has been consumed orally in the form of simple morning glory or hawaiian baby woodrose seeds, it produces nausea and general intestinal and stomach discomfort, which tends to suppress any physical euphoria. But, discomfort tends to disappear after the first hour or two and once it does, physical euphoria should be felt all the way up to the peak of the trip and it should disappear shortly after that.

Neutral Ones

  • Sedation. As opposed to LSD, LSA’s effects tend to be very sedative. Although some people report it to be mildly stimulating, but it seems to be mostly due to the set and setting that the person find himself in.Certain environments encourage movement and LSA becomes a stimulant in them. But for the most parts LSA is a sedative which makes your body feel heavier and makes you want to sit or lay down and chill.
  • Increased blood pressure. Because of it’s vasoconstrictive properties, LSA increases one’s blood pressure. Normally it’s not even noticeable, but at times it can be both felt and unpleasant.
  • Decreased blood pressure. Now I know that I just wrote that LSA increases your blood pressure, but there are also reports of it decreasing it. And both of these effects can take place during the same trip at different points of it.
  • Muscle relaxation. LSA can also relax your musculature, but often it’s not very pronounced like it is with most cannabis indica
  • strains.
  • Appetite suppression. Like with all lysergamides and most psychedelics in general, appetite suppression is almost always present with LSA.
  • Orgasm suppression. Being unable, or at least, finding it hard to orgasm is also sometimes experienced. It’s not very common, but it can happen. Especially at high doses.
  • Excessive yawning. Sometimes people yawn on LSA. And they can’t stop it.
  • Pupil dilation. An of course, your pupils dilate. This is the effect that all serotonergic hallucinogens have.

Negative Ones

  • Motor control loss. Inability to properly control your body and your movements is often experienced on LSA. It in most cases is mild and not as severe as it is with a lot of sedatives, but it can certainly be felt, especially in high doses.
  • Temperature regulation suppression. Your body because incapable of properly regulating it’s temperature on LSA and so, you might feel like it’s cold at one moment and hot the other moment. This effect if, for the most part, not dangerous, expect if you have certain preexisting conditions or take an enormous amount of LSA, but, if felt, it can be very unpleasant.
  • Nausea. LSA in of itself doesn’t seem to cause it, but other things in the morning glory and Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds do. So different extraction methods are often used which can allow you to consume LSA alone and not get nauseous. But if you consume seeds by themselves, you should feel nausea very quickly after ingestion and it sohuld last for about an hour and decrease over the next one. The length of these stages is dependent on the user’s genes and whether he’s stomach is full or not. It also often leads to vomiting, which can happen in the beginning, middle or the end of the trip.
  • Vasoconstriction. LSA produces very strong vasoconstriction, when compared to most other psychedelics. Vasoconstriction is essentially constriction of the blood vessels. It can make you feel uncomfortable tingling sensations in the extremities, meaning limbs. The colder the environment that you are in is and the less clothing you are wearing – the stronger this feeling is going to be.
  • Muscle contractions. Your muscles might start to flex without you consciously doing it. It’s not dangerous but it can be annoying.
  • Muscle spasms. Muscles can also start spasming without you doing anything. All lysergamides can have this effect.
  • Dehydration. Mild dehydration is often experienced. It’s not severe, but sipping some water as you trip is a good thing.
  • Dizziness. Slight dizziness can sometimes be felt. Commonly at moderate to high doses.
  • Headaches. Headaches are also sometimes experienced. They very rarely tend to be severe and are usually present in extremely high doses.
  • Photophobia. Photophobia is extreme sensitivity to light. LSA makes light appear a lot lighter than usually and this can cause you to become very sensitive to them.

Cognitive effects

Positive Ones

  • Analysis enhancement. Like pretty much all psychedelics, LSA makes you thing much deeper and analyze different concepts and ideas from different perspectives and with greater creativity which often leads to new insights. The analysis that is often experienced on LSA is reported to be for the most part outrospective. Meaning that you mostly begin to understand the nature of the exterior world rather than yourself. But there are also reports of it being very introspective, meaning it helps you analyze your inner self as well.
  • Anxiety Supression. LSA can take away your anxiety is the trip is good. It’s important to note that whether you’ll feel anxious or not depends largely on your set and setting.
  • Conceptual thinking. Thinking not in the regular linear thought patterns is a common aspect of many psychedelics. LSA is no exception. You can start to think and understand different concepts in a way that you never have before. Or at least when you were sober. Conceptual thinking often leads to new insights and comes along with analysis enhancement.
  • Cognitive euphoria. Having feelings of happiness, joy and just a general uplifted attitude is common on LSA. The intensity of this effect and whether it’s felt at all depends on your set and setting.
  • Déjà vu. Déjà vu is often experienced even by sober people, but it is a lot more commonly experienced by people who use psychedelics. And LSA is one of them. LSA can often make you feel like a certain location or action that you are witnessing has already occurred in the past even though it didn’t.
  • Increased music appreciation. Music begins to sound much better, although in most cases not as much better than it does on LSD.
  • Immersion enhancement. Your ability to get into a certain activity is often greatly increased when on LSA. This can result in being more productive, especially if you’re microdosing, because otherwise, if you are tripping balls, you’re probably not going to get many things done. But you can also immerse your self into some creative effort, in which case LSA might help you a lot more than  when focusing on something mechanical and not creative.
  • Ego death. This is a common one with most psychedelics. Your false sense of self – your “ego” will most likely die during the deep spiritual psychedelic experience. And you will be born anew. This often leads to people being much kinder to others during the experience and once it’s done.
  • Mindfulness. LSA can make you a lot more calm and collective in your thoughts. Meaning that it can make you much more mindful. It’s effects can be similar to those of meditation.
  • Novelty enhancement. Finding different, sometimes previously meaningless to you, things to be very important to you is common on LSA. You might begin to view different concepts, ideas, people and items to be special in a way that they weren’t before.
  • Rejuvenation. This is, again, a common effect of many psychedelics. And LSA is not very much different in this regard. If the psychedelic experience that you have on LSA is a positive one, and most of the reported LSA trips are, you are likely to
  • Thought acceleration. Thoughts can begin to race, especially during the second half of the trip and you might begin to analyze various ideas and concepts incredibly fast.

Neutral Ones

  • Emotionality enhancement. Whatever you were feeling before the trip is going to be enhanced during the trip. Whether the feeling are positive or negative. That’s why it’s so important to be in a good mood before taking LSA or psychedelics in general.
  • Subconscious communication. This is an effect that’s described as having a communication with some sort of  “entity” that is in your head. It can be scary, but it can also be enlightening. If you experience this during your trip, you will know how schizophrenics feel almost everyday.
  • Thought connectivity. It can start to seem like different concepts and ideas that aren’t really connected – are connected. This often leads to different realizations and different points of view, but can also lead to straight up delusions.
  • Thought loops. Often during the stage of memory suppression, you might find yourself stuck in a thought loop. Thought loop is essentially a chain of thoughts, ideas, concepts and emotions that are connected with each other and that repeat each other over and over again. This tends to be unpleasant, but can is also enjoyed by some.
  • Time distortion. Time tends to be distorted on LSA. In most cases, it speeds up and goes faster than normally. But in some cases, normally during bad trips, perception of time can actually slow down. That is a lot more rare though.
  • Wakefulness. Sleeping is very hard during an LSA trip. Matter of a fact, unless you are incredibly exhausted or on some sort of other drug, you probably won’t fall asleep until the trip has ended.

Negative Ones

  • Anxiety. LSA can cause anxiety if the trip is bad. Again, whether the trip is good or bad depends largely on your set and setting.
  • Delusions. LSA might make you temporarily believe in things that aren’t real. You can get very conspiratorial on it.
  • Memory suppression. As it it the case with almost all psychedelics, people tend to forget a lot of the experience that they have while tripping on LSA once the experience is over. Especially at high doses.

Visual effects


  • Color enhancement. Colors tend to appear brighter and more pronounced on LSA than normally.
  • Pattern recognition enhancement. Your ability to recognize different patterns within your environment, like strange or familiar symbols in the grass, faces on the clouds or tree branches. Most often this means that you will be seeing faces in different objects.
  • Visual acuity enhancement. Different objects and especially their edges and grooves tend or appear sharper and much more defined on LSA than normally. Some users report this effect as going from 720p to 1080p resolution in real life.


  • Depth perception distortions. Often the perception of depth, meaning how deep and also how long certain object and surfaces
  • Drifting. Drifting means that different objects appear to move while staying in the same place. Their edges move and and change in their shape. On LSA, drifting is usually described as pretty mild but highly detailed, when compared to other psychedelics.
  • Colour shifting. Colors can start to change especially if you focus on them and if you take moderate to high doses.
  • Tracers. Tracers are essentially “left-over” images of objects that move. They tend to be experienced on LSA in higher doses but it’s not nearly as pronounced as it is with LSD, for example.
  • Scenery slicing. While not as strong and as common as it is with LSD, scenery slicing can sometimes appear on large doses of LSA. Scenery slicing is the visual slicing and merging of your visual field.

Auditory effects

  • Enhancements. Different noises often sound louder and clearer on LSA than in sober state.
  • Distortions. LSA can also distort different sound that you hear and make them sound very strangely.
  • Hallucinations. LSA is also reported to make people hear sounds that don’t exist in their immediate environment. These sounds are being hallucinated and are the creation of their minds that are under the influence of LSA.

Conclusion Of LSA’s Effects

LSA is not as visually strong as other traditional psychedelics like LSD, psilocybin, mescaline, DMT or 2C-B, but it can cause some pretty significant hallucinations at high doses that are unique in their own way. Closed eyed visuals are much stronger than open eye visuals.

LSA is known for it’s physical effects more than visual effects. Physical euphoria is often felt as long, usually after the nausea subsides which is almost always felt in the beginning of the trip. Nausea is thought to be caused by certain chemicals that are found in the seeds that contain LSA along with LSA. There are extraction methods that help to reduce or completely eliminate nausea felt from eating LSA seeds.

LSA can make people come up with great concepts and ideas as well as deal with a lot of psychological and emotional problems while reaching higher spiritual states. It’s known as the natural LSD and it has quite a few profound effects of LSD. Many psychonauts have tried it and reported positive experiences with it, but also nausea and some general nastiness, from eating the seeds directly.


LSA is not known to be very particularly dangerous. However, there’s also a huge lack of scientific research on it so we just don’t know much about the dangers that it poses. Anecdotal evidence shows us that when used from low to even very high doses, LSA doesn’t cause fatalities or serious medical issues. However, nothing can be guaranteed.

It also seems that while LSA in of itself is pretty much harmless, other chemicals that are found in the seeds that naturally contain LSA can be more dangerous. Extraction methods are recommended.

Because of vasoconstriction it’s recommended that you take LSA in a relatively warm environment to prevent yourself from getting too cold.

Also, LSA is not addictive. As are most psychedelics.

Extraction Methods

In order to extract the LSA out of Hawaiian baby woodrose or morning glory seeds and diminish or completely negate nausea while prehaps preventing yourself from the most harmful chemicals that are in these seeds, follow the instructions found in psychonautwiki.org:


  • Do not forget to boil the water before extraction. Otherwise, the chlorine might destroy all the alkaloids, leaving an inactive
  • solution behind. Distilled water (available at many grocery stores) may also be used to avoid this step.
  • The seeds must not be purchased unless explicitly sold as untreated, as many easily-available seeds are coated with fungicides which can be toxic if consumed.
  • Different batches of seeds vary in potency so it is advised to use a low test dose be used to test the strength of the seeds and work your way up afterwards.
  • LSA is a substance that at toxic doses can cause vasoconstriction, meaning that your blood vessels shrink resulting in a decreased blood flow to your extremities (such as toes and fingers). This is not much of a concern unless you are taking heavy doses, and typically feels like a mild tingling sensation during most high dose trips that stops after the peak. This vasoconstriction can have long-term cumulative effects if repeated high doses of LSA are used for extended periods of time.


  • Untreated Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds (HBWR) or untreated morning glory seeds (can be easily acquired online)
  • Garlic clove
  • Orange juice or any other fruit juice of choice
  • A glass of boiled tap water (tap water may contain chlorine which can destroy LSA; boiling the water will remove the chlorine. One can also use distilled water without the need for boiling).


  1. The water should be boiled (inside an open container, i.e. not a pressure cooker) and left to cool down to room temperature. There is no specific measurement of water needed as the LSA will extract into it regardless, but a small glass is recommended so that the final product can be 1 part water and two parts fruit juice.
  2. Depending on the desired dosage, 4 to 12 seeds should be crushed using a mortar and pestle or a hammer and then put into the water.
  3. The water should be then put into a fridge for at least 4 hours or more and covered in something such as tinfoil or a paper bag to avoid exposure to light when the fridge is opened.
  4. After the water has been refrigerated; a finely chopped up garlic clove should be added to the water for 30 minutes and stirred periodically to significantly reduce if not completely eliminate the nausea and “body load”. This is believed to work because the sulfur in garlic has been speculated to remove the cyanogenic glycosides within the seed matter, although this has yet to be validated scientifically. It should be noted that LSA is capable of producing nausea on its own in a seemingly unpredictable fashion.
  5. A small amount of fruit juice can be added to help eliminate the taste of the seed matter.
  6. Sieve out the seed matter and garlic, and this can be discarded of. Sieving through a fine material such as an old t-shirt or a paper filter to remove every last bit of seed matter will help greatly.
  7. If these steps have been followed correctly, the cold water extraction is ready to consume.


The tips that apply to LSD are almost identical to the tips that apply to LSA and most psychedelics, really. That being said, here they are:

1. Set and setting. Set – your mindset. Because LSA strengthens whatever you are feeling before taking it, you need to make sure to calm yourself and make yourself happy. Meditation and yoga helps a lot. Setting – a place that you trip in. It’s very important that the environment is safe, because LSA trips can be very dissociating and last up to 10 hours, sometimes more at higher dosages, you need to make sure that you are in a safe comfortable environment that you have been in times before, like your home for example.

2. Have some benzos. Because of the possible bad trip, benzodiazepines can really help to diminish the anxiety and greatly reduce the intensity of the trip.

3. Write down what you want to get out of the trip. If you are tripping for a deep spiritual experience, rather than just a visual one, you should have a note pad or a phone and write down questions that you want answered. Like who am I, what should I do in life, what is death and so on.

4. Music. You should music player with a psychedelic playlist so that you can listen to music while you trip. Music stimulates your brain and it affects the trip A LOT. You can try different music to see the different effects that it manifests. Slow, sad music can make you have deep thoughts and rethink your life, fast paced rave music can just send you deep into a very energetic and uplifting trip. So you can play around with it as much as you want to. Also, you can listen to certain lectures and talks of philosophers as it is something that, while on LSA, can affect and enlighten you deeply.

5. Start small. If you are a beginner, start with a small dose, like 2-5 seeds or a bit higher, because you don’t know how the drug will affect you. This is especially true If you haven’t tried any psychedelics.

6. Meditate while tripping. To get the most out of your LSA trip, in terms of spirituality, you need to isolate yourself from the external world and delve deep into your true self. This is there meditation helps, just relax, breathe deep and observe the thoughts that come up in your mind in this state.

7. Bad trips. In case of a bad trip, you can take benzos, as I’ve mentioned before, or you can try to breathe deep, relax, don’t move and just observe everything that’s happening without attaching any sort of negative connotation to it. This can calm you and make you enjoy the trip. One very important thing to understand about tripping is that you are exploring the depths of your mind and that you are in control of the trip. And though sometimes it might be hard, you can prevent a bad trip and have a pleasant experience.

8. Tolerance. You build immediate tolerance after taking LSA. The higher the level of tolerance – the lesser the effects of the drug. Three days later the tolerance should be reduced by half and 7 days later it should be completely diminished. So if you were to take it once with your tolerance level at 0, you’ll have a full trip, if you take it the next day it’ll be considerably less intense, if you take it the third day in a row you might feel very little and so on, as long as the dosage stays the same. So, waiting a week before doing LSA again is recommended to make sure that you don’t waste any of this drug.

9. Don’t eat anything at least three hours prior to ingesting LSA. This will help with nausea and digestion.


LSA is naturally found in two types of seeds. Morning glory and Hawaiian baby woodrose. But Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds are about 20 times more potent than morning glory ones, recommendations of dose are different for each. That being said, here’s the dose recommendations taken from psychonautwiki.org

When using morning glory seeds the dosages for oral consumption are generally considered to be:

  • Light: 50 – 100 seeds / 1.5 – 3 g
  • Common: 100 – 250 seeds / 3 – 6 g
  • Strong: 250 – 400 seeds / 6 – 10 g
  • Heavy: 400 + seeds / 10 + g

When using Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds the dosages for oral consumption are generally considered to be:

  • Threshold: 1 – 4 seeds
  • Light: 3 – 6 seeds
  • Common: 5 – 8 seeds
  • Strong: 7 – 12 seeds
  • Heavy: 12 + seeds

Length And Timing Of The Trip

Total 5 – 10 hours
Onset 20 – 120 minutes
Peak 2 – 7 hours
Offset 1 – 2 hours
After effects 1 – 3 hours

Where To Get These Seeds From?

You can get both morning glory and Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds from azarius.net (link included).


LSA is a powerful, cheap and relatively safe psychedelic that you can easily get your hands on and If used properly it can change your life in a very positive way.

So, if you are a psychonaut who is interested in exploring the depths of your consciousness, this compound is recommended to at least try and she if you like it or not.