Top 10 Things To Do While High On Marijuana

Smoking weed often leads to interesting experiences. And whether you find them pleasant or not, sometimes depends on you. Sometimes you need to do something, to make the experience more pleasurable and have the weed truly help you have a good time. Different types of weed can induce different effects and so you need to at least understand the basic differences between tow main types of psychoactive cannabis – indicas and sativas. You can read about them here: Everything You Need To Know About Cannabis. Having said that, here are my top 10 things to do while high:

#1 Have Sex Or Masturbate

It’s a goddamn undeniable fact that marijuana almost always increases your tactile senses and makes activities as simple as touching your skin much more pleasurable than normal.

Weed can make you both horny and make the sexual experience itself a lot better. It can help to take away the anxiety and have a different experience. Everything from stroking or being stroked to orgasming should feel much better and a whole lot more intense than normally.

Matter of fact, every stroke or rub or penetration, depending on whether you’re a man or a woman, turns into little orgasm on it’s own. And the actual

orgasm turns into a volcanic eruption of a godly magnitude that will have you on your knees, with your eyes rolled back and cumming like crazy.

Oh yeah, baby…

#2 Satisfy Your Munchies

Often you’ll hear about people getting hungry after smoking a joint. Or hitting the bowl. This seems to be mainly because of THC – the main cannabinoid found in cannabis.

This phenomena is known as munchies. And by the way, the type of weed that most often  induces munchies is indica. Indicas usually make you more hungry, sativas usually don’t and can actually do the opposite and kill your appetite. This doesn’t mean that no sativa can make you hungrier or that no indica can make you more  It’s important to note this, because indica and sativa cannabis are almost like two completely opposite drugs.

So, certain strains of weed can make you want to eat food. Sometimes food that you didn’t even like that much before. Also, food tends to taste much better than before. I knew a guy who said that he once ate a peach and some baloney while high and he said that it was the tastiest things that he had ever tasted.

#3 Listen To Music

Music always sounds better when you’re high. Of course, how much better the music begins to sound depends on how much you’ve smoked, whether you smoked or ingested the weed, also the type of weed that you had.  But music does sound better when you’re high.

Here’s a few important tips when it comes to listening to music while high. Before you smoke your blunt or take those bong hits, setup a weed playlist of song that you like to listen to while high. It may take some experimentation, but you should figure out what song you like when you’re high.

Also use a set of good quality headphones that are comfortable, provide good quality sound, especially those that have a good bass – you’ll be feeling it, trust me, and isolate the external sounds.

Listening to music in dark also helps you to escape the reality and dwell into you marijuana high and all the feelings and thoughts associated with it.

So listen to your special playlist with your quality headphones in the dark to truly experience the magnificence of the way that music sounds while you’re high. Every note, every wave of bass and just every sound that enters your ears sound different when you’re stoned and you can begin to swim in the music and let it take you someplace else.

#4 Take A Walk Outside

Being stoned or high makes it very interesting to just walk outside, especially in nature.

If you are in nature, in a forest or jungle or savannah or similar natural environment, and you’re high, you begin to really enjoy your surroundings and feel a sort of connection or even communication with it that you haven’t before.

Plus everything can seem different and you might begin to see certain patterns on the grass or on the leaves and you’ll just have a completely different experience.

You might even begin to have a strange journey or an adventure, ramping up the intensity of your walk.

#5 Exercise

Marijuana, despite certain myths, can be a great tool for exercise. It can change the way your body and activities that you do feel.

Lifting weights, doing calisthenics or doing martial arts, climbing rocks, hiking, running or doing yoga while high can feel absolutely amazing. You can begin to feel every movement that you make, every breath that you take, the way your heart beats, the way your muscles contract and so on.

But here’s a thing though, indicas tend to relax people and make them lazier and less likely to move. So taking sativas over indicas is usually a better choice for exercising.

So, smoke a bowl of a good strong sativa and go workout. It will feel very different and much better.

#6 Watch Movies

Watching films while stoned can be a great way to spend your time. You can become a lot more immersed into them and the scenarios and just everything that’s going on can seem and feel a lot more real making the experience a lot more interesting.

Just like when you’re high you can lose yourself into music, you can also lose yourself into movies. Being fully immersed into the plot is common on marijuana. Your emotions tend to be a lot stronger than usually, as well. Horror movies become a lot scarier, comedies become a lot funnier, action films become way more intense. Also, it’s a great idea to do it with your partner.

So, watching movies while stoned can be an incredible experience and is definitely recommended for pot heads and those who smoke from time to time.

#7 Go For A Swim

Like I said, cannabis makes your senses stronger and this often results in swimming being a very different and a whole lot more interesting experience.

It’s recommended to be careful and not go too deep in the water, but in safe depths, swimming or floating or simply being in the water while high tends to feel amazing. You feel every wave, the temperature, the pressure underwater and simply everything a lot more intensely.

The reason why I excluded swimming from exercising is because being in water is so different than being on land when you’re high.

So if you’re ever high, try to go for a swim, as long as you take all the necessary security precautions, of course.

#8 Socialize With Like Minded People

If you known people who smoke weed, you can all get high and have a good time.

Blazing with friends of yours or just people who like to smoke weed ans spending time with them, talking, joking, discussing different concepts and ideas or events while being high on weed which can help you to look at all these things from different perspectives. Plus, people are almost always a lot friendlier and more sociable when high rather when they’re sober.

So go find your stoner friends, or meet some, and blaze up, cuh!

#9 Express Your Creativity

Marijuana is known for increasing peoples creativity and helping them to create works of art.

Musicians, painters, movie directors, comedians, writers and many more different types of artists are known for smoking weed and many have claimed that it helps them to come up with many different ideas and concepts that help them to create art.

Different strains in different amounts can open up different pathways of creativity which can help you in different ways. So experimentation is the key in finding the strain that helps you to be creative in the way that you want.

So, get high and try to paint something or write something and see what you come up with.

#10 Sleep

Oh yes, that’s right. After you’ve done everything else that we’ve talked about and you’re tired – it’s time to go to sleep.

I talked about sativas being more suitable for certain previous activities that I’ve discussed. But when it comes to sleep – indicas are the ones that you should smoke. Sativas are great for energizing you and helping you to get on with daytime activities, when the night creeps in, indicas are going to be the ones that relax and put you to sleep.

A good indica can not only easily put you to sleep, but also make the sleep quality a lot better and as you wake up you should feel a lot more rested and energized for the day.

You can also smoke some indica during the day, take a nap and wake up a few hours later not high anymore, a lot more rested and ready to do something great. Like smoke more weed 😉

So, smoke a joint filled with a good indica, and you’ll easily go to sleep after a stressful day and you should be well rested the next morning.

In The End…

… all that I’ve got to say is that marijuana is a tool. And like any tool it is up to you how you use it. It can hinder your life or improve it depending on the type of weed that you use, how much do you use it, how do you use it, when do you use it, for what do you use it and what do you do after using it. And so, hopefully the advice that I’ve shared here helps you to spend your time while high in a more joyful or even productive manner. And with that being said, BLAZE UP!