5 Common LSD Myths

Ever since it’s psychedelic properties were first discovered, LSD has been a very controversial substance. Almost always revered by it’s users, often shunned by government officials, mainstream media and most traditionally conservative people, LSD is a psychedelic drug that has changed the lives of millions of people, inspired many movements and some of the greatest and most original music, as well as many other forms of art and even science. So there’s a community and a subculture which propagates and loves LSD, and there’s the rest of the world which hates it. And those who hate and try to delegitimize and demonize this substance. And to do so, many myths have been created about LSD.

Now mind you, I’m not saying that there aren’t any dangers associated with LSD’s use, because there certainly are, but for most people who don’t have very serious psychiatric issues like schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. To check out the actual objective harm of LSD in relation to other drugs, you can check out my article: How Dangerous Drugs Really Are?

That being said, let’s talk about all the myths about LSD.

1. Tripping Forever

To anyone who has done psychedelics before or known pretty much anything about drugs in general this claim is just plainly retarded, pardon my language. The idea that if you take LSD and you will be tripping for the rest of your life is simply not true, because any drug that you take enters your brain and your brain releases chemicals or does other neurological functions that begin to destroy that drug.

Now, while that drug is still in the receptors of your brain and it’s slowly being destroyed, you will feel the effects of the drugs. With LSD, it takes about 12 hours for the drug to be destroyed after it was introduced to the brain, that’s why the typical LSD trips lasts about 12 hours.

So, eventually LSD will be degraded and you will stop tripping. This always happens, we don’t have a single documented case of somebody who’s acid trip doesn’t end.

What you might experience after your trip has ended is HPPD or Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder. It is a real disorder which is very rare, but a small amount of people who take psychedelics experience. In most cases it’s very mild and unnoticeable unless focused upon and it goes away in days,weeks, months or sometimes even years, but that’s rare. There are quite few cases of HPPD being pretty horrible, but even though there’s a lack of research on it, it can be treated. But then again HPPD just messes with your vision a bit, you’re not actually tripping.

So people don’t trip forever.

2. LSD Stays in Your Spinal Fluid

Again it’s a myth that has no scientific basis and is used to induce fear in people and prevent them from taking acid. The idea that LSD stays in your spinal fluid after you had your trip and can be released into the bloodstream and then travel to your brain making you trip, is bullshit.

It has no scientific validity, it’s a scare tactic and that’s it. It’s a bit more clever than the “tripping forever” myth, mind you, it’s structured a little bit more intelligently, it sounds more believable but it’s just not true.

So no, LSD doesn’t stay in your spinal fluid, instead it moves through different tissues and ends up in your brain ONLY! And then it is dealt with by your body and destroyed.

3. If You Have Taken LSD 7 Or More Times – Your Are Legally Insane

Again simply not true. LSD and other psychedelics have not been proved to make sane and healthy people go insane.

The only problem is if a person has any serious  already existing mental illnesses or has family history of them and are therefore genetically predisposed towards these mental illnesses. Especially schizophrenia or bipolar disorder, as I’ve already mentioned. But truthfully we don’t have a single case of a healthy person going insane after any amount of LSD trips.

So yeah, LSD doesn’t cause any brain damage and is not neurotoxic at recommended doses (100ug) or even 100 times greater doses. The only true danger is that LSD might speed up the development of certain preexisting disorders.

4. You Can Experience Flashbacks Years After Taking LSD

There’s no such think as a true LSD flashback. Not in the original sense. Let me explain.

The notion that people have their LSD hallucinations return after their trips is simply false. Because LSD doesn’t affect you after your trip has ended and all traces of it are gone after several days after your trip, this simply is not true.

What is true is, like I said, LSD can give you HPPD meaning that your vision is affected and you might see some lingering particles in your visual field, but it’s rear and if it does happen it’s in most cases almost completely harmless and doesn’t really affect the person very negatively and he or she, in most cases, don’t really notice it.

So yeah, flashbacks don’t really exist, HPPD does, though it’s rare and it’s not the same thing.

5. LSD Makes Your Brain Bleed

A classic one that also applies to psilocybin mushroom and can be dated to 60s. Oh and it’s also bullshit.

LSD DOES NOT CAUSE BRAIN DAMAGE. We have virtually no evidence to suggest this, but what we do have is tons of scientific and anecdotal evidence from millions of users around the world for the past 70 years which suggests that it’s virtually harmless for healthy individuals. People who peddle this myth do it from either complete ignorance or they’re being maliciously manipulative.

They also tend to claim that blood spilling into your brain from LSD is what causes the hallucinations. That also completely ignorant. Hallucinations are caused by LSD’s molecule attaching itself to certain serotonin and other receptors in the brain, which makes the brain function differently and different regions of the brain to communicate in a way that they didn’t before. There’s an incredible increase in the activity in the visual cortex, which processes visual information, making us hallucinate. Not the damn blood spilling, which doesn’t even happen on hard drugs like heroin or crack.

So if somebody tells you that LSD makes your brain bleed – they’re just plainly ignorant or just trying to scare you away from using this substance.


Because LSD is so widely used and is so popular and has influenced so much in this world, because it has so many proponents and opponents of it, there are, unfortunately, many myths that surround it that have very little or nothing to do with actual reality.

I don’t necessarily recommend people to just do acid, but I just want to share information which is largely based on science and that most people don’t hear rather than misinformation which largely comes from urban legends and myths that has to be challenged.