LSD vs. Mushrooms

If you asked any true psychonaut what are the two main staple compounds for somebody whose into psychedelics, chances are he will tell you that it’s LSD and psilocybin mushrooms. These are two main psychedelics that have reshaped cultures and changed peoples lives.

I have discussed both of them in great detail already. Here’s a link to LSD article and here’s the link to mushroom article, in case you want to read about these compounds.

So these are two amazing, controversial psychedelics that form the staple of most psych users arsenal. They are both very powerful and they are both very different. Let’s discuss the differences between acid and shrooms.

Oh, and it’s also important to say that some of these effects are very subjective and different people experience them differently in different situations. That being said, I’m going to talk about general, for the most part, subjective effects aspects of each drug.


Visuals of LSD are often described as being very cosmic, edgy, very colorful and electric. Objects tend to be very wavy and move in a fast pace.

Visuals of mushrooms are often described as earthy, natural, soft and more mellow than those of LSD. They move slower and are far less wavy than those that you experience on LSD.

But of course, it doesn’t always goes like this, because every trip is diffe

rent and so are people, so these are not definitive characteristics of all LSD and psilocybin trips. These are generalizations.


Duration of an average LSD trip is about 12 hours.

Duration of an average mushroom trip is about 6-8 hours.

Length of the trip also slightly depends on the amount of the drug taken.


Common LSD dose is about 75 to 200 ug’s. The standard dose of one blotter is about 100 ug’s but because LSD is almost always bought illegally from the dark market, it’s  dose tends to vary quite a bit and almost always people get less than 100ugs. It might be 80,60 or even 50. Also, there are very few drugs that are psychoactive in the microgram range. You can take

Common dose of dried psilocybin mushrooms is about 1 – 3 g. Dose also depends on the strain. The active ingredient in mushrooms is psilocybin and most of the mushroom, doesn’t contain it. Usually a gram of dried mushrooms contains about a milligram of psilocybin.


LSD tends to be very stimulating. Your body should begin to feel very light and you will want to move a lot, dance and so on. Every nerve will be a lot more sensitive. Touching your skin will feel very different.

Mushrooms tend to be sedating. Your limbs should begin to feel heavy, somewhat numb. You should begin to start feeling a little tired and want to lay or sit down.

It’s important to note that effects of these drugs also depend on your set and setting. Meaning your mindset and the place in which you trip. So sometimes you might find your experience, not that I promote the use of these substances, to contradict what I’ve just said. That’s because these are generalizations that don’t always align with peoples experiences.

Complete Summary

Psilocybin mushrooms tend to sedate people. Hallucinations are more smooth, less wavy, not as colorful, more natural rather than cosmic. LSD is sharp, it’s cosmic, it’s fast and very colorful. And it tends to energize and uplift peoples mood.

When on LSD, people usually like to do something, and on mushrooms they tend to be lazier and feel the need to relax and be more sedentary.

Sexual experiences are a lot better on LSD and it can easily make you hornier, whereas it’s a lot more rare with mushrooms.

Tripping on LSD is often compared to being strapped to a rocket while having the controls of it in your hands, whereas tripping on mushrooms is often described as being strapped to a rocket without having the controls of it. This means that LSD trips are easier to control and have them go in the direction who want to go. Mushrooms on the other hand tend to take you on a wild roller coaster and forced you to confront things that you don’t want to confront. Of course this is also dose and set and setting dependent.

Mushrooms are often described as being more psychotherapeutic. It helps to deal with psychological trauma and many different personal issues. LSD is often described as a compound which helps to think about the outside world, come up with solutions to different external issues and it’s a great source of artistic and scientific inspiration. Now of course, there is a lot of overlapse and sometimes users find these characteristics completely inaccurate.

Overall, mushrooms tend to be harsher and LSD more fun.