3 Big Tips For A Positive Psychedelic Experience

Psychedelics can change lives. They can teach people about themselves and the world around them, they can inspire people to do great things, kick bad drug habits, be nicer to people and just change positively.

On the other hand, they also sometimes, especially when taken in high doses cause people to have psychotic episodes, feel anxiety and just generally have a really bad time.

Plus there’s lot of dangers associated with drugs themselves. Because they’re illegal, at least most of them, to most people, in most places, you’re getting them from the black market, they might be spiked with other more dangerous drugs, or they might be completely other drugs than what their supposed to be. And you have to keep this in mind and make sure that your stuff is alright.

So,  while most psychedelic trips are pleasant and have great  effects, they can also go bad and not deliver on all the expectations. Therefore, assuming that your substances are the right ones, the goal should be to have a positive experience with them. But, how do you do it? What do you have to make sure of to have a great life changing trip?

Tip Numero Uno

Set And Setting

Set – your emotional and psychological state that you are in when experiencing a drug. 

Your mindset matters a lot. If you are at a bad place in life, psychedelics can make you have a very unpleasant experience. That’s because they make you more consciously aware of all of your problems and intensify all the negative emotions that you were already feeling going into the trip. But then again, it can also help you to deal with your problems and help with depression and so on. So it’s a double edged sword. Your trip can go both ways, but having a positive mindset tends to facilitate itself into a more pleasant experience.

Meditation and yoga before tripping are great because they can calm and make you happier which can positively influence the trip.

Setting – the environment that you take the drugs in.

During the trip, different elements of environment that are usually dismissed can begin to affect you very strongly. It can be both amazing and terrifying. If you take it in a concert, you might feel like you’re dissolving into the crowd and you can start feeling connected with everyone, music will sound much better, you’ll have more energy, feel better and have a great time.

On the other hand, if you take it in a dangerous environment, maybe with a lot of traffic or dangerous people. If you take it around people who are cold to you, you can have a psychologically bad and maybe even physically dangerous trip.

Lastly, if you take it alone, in a dark room, it can be more dangerous if you have no trip sitter to watch you over. It probably won’t be as fun as it would have been if taken in a concert. But you will be much more likely to experience a deep spiritual, psychedelic trip which will take you on a journey into the depths of your mind.

So, make sure that the environment that you trip in is safe and preferably surround yourself with people that you like or

Tip Number Two


You probably listen to music. You’ve also noticed that songs induce certain emotions and put you in a certain mind state. This is really effective when you’re sober. But then you’re on psychedelics, it’s much MUCH more stronger. So you should prepare your psychedelic playlist with music that you personally find helpful when it comes to facilitating certain emotions and thoughts during your trips.

Sometimes, if you feel like your trip is going the wrong way, something as simple as changing the music that you listen to can take entire experience to a positive direction and make you feel much better.

Sad music, for example, can induce sad emotions in you and help you to release all the trapped negative emotions that you were holding, often without even realizing it, in a cathartic manner. So it can be very psychotherapeutic.

A good healthy diet, with little sugar can also make your trip

So, use music to guide your trip and you will probably get a lot more from it then you would have without it.

Tip Number Three


Ok, so I’ve given several major tips on how to make sure that your trip is amazing and positive. What to do before you trip, what to do during the trip, how to make your trip go a direction that you want it to go and so on, but now let’s discuss what to do if you are having a nightmarish trip, you can’t seem to make it better and you just want it to stop. You just want to abort it. How do you do it?

Benzos, or benzodiazepines, that’s how. They can stop your trip once they affect your brain. The danger with them is that they have a pretty high addiction potential and are also pretty harmful physiologically. So don’t abuse them, use them occasionally and not everyday.

Benzos are usually sleeping pills or anxiety suppressants. They include xanax and valium among many others.

So, whenever you trip, especially if you’re doing it for the first time, or taking a certain substance for the first time, or taking a dose that you never took before, always at least one benzodiazepine pill to abort the trip in case it goes really bad. Or even if everything is the same ol’ same ol’ you might want it just in case, because any trip can go bad.

In The End

I’ve gotta say that you need to make sure that your mind state and environment are right for the trip, prepare a special psychedelic music playlist that will guide you throughout your trip and have some benzos just in case the trip goes really bad and you need to abort it. Good luck!