10 Horrible Diseases That Are Treated By Medicinal Marijuana

Marijuana is the single most commonly used illegal drug in the world. Many people are against it’s use, many people are for it’s use. And amongst those who support it’s use, there is a large group of people, who advocate marijuana’s use for medicinal purposes.

They often claim that there is a HUGE amount of different medicinal benefits that marijuana has. And goddammit, it seems to be true. So, the time has come to talk about a few diseases and disorders that can be treated or even prevented and cured with the use of marijuana.


Glaucoma is a horrible disease which is the leading cause of blindness in the world. It happens when fluid builds up in the front part of the eye and damages the optic nerve. THC, the main chemical found in marijuana, can decrease the blood pressure in the eye and ease up the optic nerve and help it to function better. But then again, too much of it can lower the blood pressure so much that the decreased blood supply doesn’t deliver as much nutrients into the eye as it should. And also THC helps to preserve nerves.


The are several animal studies that prove that THC cuts of the blood supple to cancer cells making them to stop growing and eventually die. There was also a study using mice showed that radiation therapy is more effective then there’s THC in their system. And weed also helps to deal with side effects of radiation and chemotherapy, both psychologically and physiologically. So, weed helps to both cure cancer directly, indirectly by helping to make traditional treatment more effective and to psychologically deal with everything.


While cannabis doesn’t seem to directly treat AIDS or HIV, studies show that people who have this disease and smoke marijuana eat better, sleep better and experience better overall mood. Another study seems to show that people who suffer from AIDS/HIV and consume marijuana also experience less neuropathic pain.

Chronic pain

People who experience chronic pain almost always experience a very effective alleviation of that pain. That’s because many cannabinoids found in marijuana have analgesic effects. It’s not as effective as opiates, but it’s also not nearly as addictive or dangerous as them and not a single person has overdosed on marijuana, whereas thousands of people overdose on opiate medication every year in US alone. Indicas tend to be better for this, by the way. Another trial shows about 30% decrease of pain in marijuana users suffering from chronic pain. And that’s why medicinal use of marijuana has been approved for pain treatment in Canada and some European countries.


Those who suffer from epilepsy and have epileptic seizures know how debilitating and horrifying this disorder is. There has been a pretty recent study which involved 213 participants who suffer from epilepsy. Then they were given marijuana, their epileptic seizures reduced in frequency by 50%. There’s also anecdotal reports of some people treating their epilepsy completely with marijuana. For example, a girl who had had about 30 epileptic seizures a week took prescription pills which numbed her emotions and only slightly reduced her seizure frequency. Once she started smoking medicinal marijuana her seizure rate went from 30 a week to just 2-3 in a month and completely stopped after two months. She didn’t have a single seizure after 3.5 years of smoking marijuana.


This horrible neurodegenerative disease is pretty common amongst old people. It’s horrible and makes people unable to properly function and dependent on others for support. But fear not, because marijuana is very helpful here also. Some of the chemicals that are in it reduce the agitated behavior of people with Alzheimer’s and help them to gain weight to a healthy point, which is often hard for people with this disease. Scientists speculate that protein deposits in the brain causes this disease. And marijuana slows the progress of these deposits forming in the brain.

Multiple sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis is a horrible autoimmune disease which makes the insulating covers of nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord to be cannibalised by the body of the patient. It’s like taking of the outside layer of the cable covering it’s wires. This cause the nerves to be damaged, send wrong or don’t send any signals which cause pain all over the body, sometimes blindness and many other horrible problems. Certain chemicals found in marijuana help to protect the nerves and prevent of treat this disease. This can help to prevent muscle spasms, pain, tremors and stiffness. The only possible downside is that it might negatively affect one’s memory.


There are quite a few different studies made about people with arthritics using marijuana. It concludes that it’s very effective at improving their sleep and pain. Other studies have shown that weed helps to reduce the arthritic inflammation.

Crohn’s disease

People suffering from gastrointestinal disease also can really benefit from the use of marijuana. Diseases like Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis can be treated with it because marijuana decreases the pain these people feel, the diarrhea that they have and it helps them to gain wight if needed.


And last but not the least, cannabis has been shown that it could dilate human airways and help to reduce exercise-induced asthma. However, some patients experience feelings of tightness in their lungs and throats from the smoke, at least temporarily. Edible marijuana can be a solution here.


So marijuana is a great plant with many medicinal uses and it helps to treat, cure or lessen and help to deal or cope with certain serious illnesses that sometimes can’t even be treated the same way without it.